Who We Are

We have found that being defined by what we are NOT, provides far more clarity to who we are.  We are NOT another web agency dominated by skinny jeans, safe places and snowflakes. In our industry, it doesn’t take long to realize the game is rigged against us, which presents unique challenges. From merchant processing, social media restrictions, ad space availability and beyond, 2A support is limited and demonized at every turn. This wicked truth is responsible for our creation.

Flashbang Creative is a website development and hosting agency located in Omaha, Nebraska. We are meat eating, freedom loving, foul mouthed, gun carrying, Americans. We are a Veteran owned business, who’s primary objective is to empower the gun community, specifically Firearm Instructors and Guides, with the technology they need to reach their audience and educate the populous.

why we exist

Built intentionally for firearms professionals by firearms professionals.  We drew on our experience from our business as a firearms dealer/distributor and being instructors ourselves, to create a solution that met the needs we had.  It is our primary objective to empower and assist firearms instructors in order to reach more students, and further the cause that we share.


Tired of ‘No Shows’ Taking Money Out of Your Pocket?

We can help you.

You wont waste your time or resources again.  You will know ahead of time how many students are registered and pre-paid for each course, so whether they show up or not, isn’t your loss.

Frustrated By The Time Suck of Administrative Tasks?

You’re not alone, we were too, until we created a solution that eliminates the headaches around creating and managing class rosters, and putting together the certification reporting lists.

Do You Struggle to Consistently Fill Seats in Your Training Courses?

Most instructors fail to reach new audiences, robbing you of the chance to succeed.  We offer strategies to reach your ideal customer and build a relationship with them, so you see them in a class more than once.

What’s Holding You Back From Doing This Full-Time?

Your approach.

We will show you how to use technology as a force multiplier, and successfully broaden your reach to generate legitimate leads.

Why Flashbang Creative?

We are meat eating, freedom loving, foul mouthed, gun carrying, Americans. We are a Veteran owned business, with a primary objective to empower the gun community, specifically Firearm Instructors and Guides, with the technology they need to reach their audience and educate the populous.

What Do I Stand To Gain From Your Services?


We provide our skills and resources to develop your new website into a 24/7 marketing machine. Do you want to grow your business, and make your passion and dream a reality?

If so, what actions are you taking to achieve that goal? We will create you a platform that does the heavy lifting, and will teach you how to effectively market your brand to take it to the next level.

Why Do So Many Instructors Choose Not To Renew Their Certification, and Close Up Shop?

Frankly, most instructors treat their business like a hobby. Some are fortunate enough to label it a paid hobby.  Only a small percentage of instructors run their operation like a business, so they can fail see the value in pressing on.

We provide our customers with proven ACTIONABLE strategies and resources that you can streamline your operation with, and see immediate results.

Why Do I Need An Instructor Website?

When someone wants to register for a firearms course, or just learn more about what is available locally, where is the first place they look? Google.

Whether you have a website or not, we can help you.  We create a turn-key, enterprise class, website for you, which solves fundamental challenges that you face as an instructor.

Who Will Manage All The Course And Schedule Updates?

We will.

We manage all the changes to your course schedule.  We designed the customer experience to be simple and effective, so anyone can use your site without becoming frustrated and leaving.

How Much Does It Cost And How Can I Afford It?

Our customers national average cost per course is $90. The dollars LOST from 16 no shows pays for the cost of your website for an entire year.

But, How Can I Compete Online?

Compete is the wrong term, we help you discover how to MARKET your business and generate leads. Leads turn to sales. If you aren’t generating leads, you are treating your BUSINESS as a HOBBY.

Enterprise Grade

Rival the most prestigious brands, with the technology they run. We've engineered your platform to scale with your business, and it's all behind the scenes. You do what you do best, and leave the rest to us!

Who We Serve

Quite Simply, Firearms Instructors and Guide Services. We aim to empower and enable those we understand best, with the platform capable of serving their clients best. Gain exposure, grow your reach, and educate the next generation of 2A supporters.

Force Multiplier

Join the path forged before you by others in your craft. Your next level website can automate many of the areas of your business that take away from your time to instruct. Missing out on money from student No-Show's, simplified social media presence, course registration, processing payments, and much more. Your website is your force multiplier!

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